Ultimate trail food

I know it may be tempting to load up on your favourite snacks and treats when setting out on a hike, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best value out of your nibbles. I thought I’d list a few of my favourite bits of hiking tucker.



Trail mix aka scroggin

Scroggin is your fuel on the trail. Filled with a mixture of nuts, dried fruit and even M&M’s a good trail mix is an essential mid-hike snack, that will give you the energy to put in a good shift walking.

Can of beans

There’s a reason canned beans are a hiking classic. They’re high in fibre and as well as containing a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin b6. Not only are they good for metabolism and healthy blood cell production they go down a treat after a long days hiking.

Cold meats

While these can be a bit of a treat, cold meats are perfect for your lunch time break and are very light weight. I personally like to bring salami as it doesn’t spoil as quickly as ham and usually tastes better when warm.

Flat bread/ wraps

A bread loaf is large, messy and surprisingly heavy, so probably not ideal for bringing with you on a hike. The solution, flat bread. Also known as mountain bread it contains most of the beneficial ingredients of a loaf but is a lot more durable and far less awkward.


Pre-cooked pasta with tomato sauce is a perfect dinner option. Rich in carbs and protein it will fill your stomach and give you the energy to power on the next morning. I usually keep the sauce and pasta separate, and heat up the pasta on a faithful trangia after setting up camp.


This one is a little bit decadent but chocolate is actually perfect for getting you through the mid-day hiking slump. Full of sugar and energy it undoubtedly will put the pep once more back into your step.


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